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Church Cleaning

Good Work Is Needed!
St. Damien’s is looking for families to help clean the church. The commitment is for one Saturday a month for one year. It generally takes a full crew (3-5 people) about 2 hours to complete.  All cleaning supplies are provided by the church in the storage closet. A tutorial/instruction can be arranged.

Why It's Important
Keeping our church clean is important!  It promotes a sense of achievement and feels great once it’s accomplished. It helps foster a healthier environment, encourages others to respect the property, and allows St. Damien’s to be an inviting and beautiful place for visitors and parishioners!

Help St.Damien's Thrive
There are many ways that we can serve the Lord and serve our brothers and sisters here at St. Damien’s.  Many times we are called to live out our mission in the forefront.  We appreciate all the tireless work that we can see being done to help our church community grow and thrive. 

But many tasks are done behind the scenes, such as cleaning the church.  While these tasks may seem small or insignificant, they provide great support for the rest of the community to grow.  Those that help in unseen ways may not be noticed by everyone, but their works are invaluable to the overall success of our parish in carrying out its mission.

What's Involved?

  1. Clean men’s and women’s bathrooms and re-stock  

  2. Clean kitchen and classrooms  

  3. Clean and vacuum cry room  

  4. Disinfect drinking fountain  

  5. Vacuum vestibule and church carpets

  6. Sweep or vacuum all hard floors  

  7. Dust pews and straighten hymnals 

  8. Clean glass doors 

  9. Empty all trash cans and take to outside dumpster  

  10. Sweep outside portico and vacuum outside mats (omit if 2-person crew is cleaning) 

  11. Mop floors (omit if 2-person crew is cleaning) 

  12. Sweep, mop and empty trashes in priest and server’s sacristies (omit if 2-person crew is cleaning)

If You'd Like More Information Click Here!


“Do not neglect to do good works

And to share with others what you have,

for these are the kind of sacrifices

that please God.”  Heb. 13:16

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