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Is this your first time to St. Damien and the Traditional Latin Mass?

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

You are not alone! All over the globe people are discovering the treasure that has been at the heart of the Catholic Liturgy since the first century. Do not feel out of place if you are not familiar with Latin (you will see most people reading a translation) or if the actions on the altar look different – this same Mass was known by Roman Catholics around the world for centuries!

The terms Extraordinary Form of the Mass, the Traditional Latin Mass, the Latin usus antiquior and the Tridentine Mass are all terms used to describe Masses celebrated in the Roman Rite in accordance with the liturgical books of 1962.

The parishioners and priest at St. Damien are friendly and welcoming, so feel free to ask questions about the Catholic faith or about elements of the Latin Mass that may be confusing or different from your regular Mass experience.

Some helpful tips for those visiting St. Damien for the first time:

  • For our visitors, missalettes (small paperback booklets) which contain all of the Ordinary texts side-by-side in Latin and English are available in the vestibule and will help with following the Mass. Father will read the Proper or changeable portions in English prior to the homily.

  • There are restrooms and a drinking fountain located down the hall from the church doors on the left hand side.

  • Families with Children: Please feel free to sit towards the front so that you can see and hear.

  • If your children are crying and you need to leave the church for a few moments, there is a cry room available in the back of the church behind the glass windows.

  • With young families in mind, speakers and a video feed have been installed in the classrooms down the hall from the bathrooms.

On Sundays after each Mass there are coffee and donuts in the kitchen located down the hallway on the right as you exit the nave. Please join us!

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